Friday, October 7, 2011

University of North Texas t-shirt made using the Varsity Letter Lite cartridge.

Hello, friends!

Ok, I know that you guys probably notice that I go through periods of time where I perhaps do too much of one thing. Like Bo Bunny Double Dot paper or Art Philosophy cartridge projects. Now, I keep cutting fabric with the cricut. Sigh...I just love doing it. It is just so darn gratifying. However, this will be my last project made using fabric for at least a week. I need to give it a break. That way you guys don't thinks that this blog is all about cutting fabric with my cricut. 

This shirt is made using the Varsity Letter Lite cartridge. I am transferring to the University of North Texas in the spring, so I thought I would make my own shirt. My dad saw this shirt the other day and has requested a University of Arkansas shirt. I wish there was a Greek alphabet cartridge because I could make sorority shirts and sell them!

I cut the letters out at 4".
There were a few questions from yesterday's post and I thought I would answer them.

A beautiful card that I plan to make myself but you didn't say which CTMH papers you used. Sonoma?
Also have you done or will you please do a Tutorial on making the beautiful bows that you make?

1) The paper pack is called Believe
2) I have been asked many times about my bows and doing a bow tutorial. Currently, I do not plan on doing one. There are several reasons why. However, the main reason is I just hate making videos. They are SUPER time consuming and I spend so much time keeping two blogs a float as it is(7-8 posts a week combined, which means 7-8 NEW projects a week). For now, I am keeping my bow secret to myself. Although, it is not a secret. It is just lots and lots of practice!

Thanks so much for stopping by this week! Come back to see me next week. I promise I won't do any shirts, bags, or onesies!

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Have a great weekend!

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Lauren said...

I am a graduate of UNT--you will love Denton! I have actually sent emails to Cricut asking/begging for a Greek Life/College cartridge...maybe we could get a petition together! :)

scrapdiva said...

very nice!!

Danka Doo said...

So cute! I used the Varsity cart at a retreat and can now see so many uses for it!

Anonymous said...

Very nice T-shirt! Great idea!

Kathleen (

Scrapper69 said...

Another great shirt! LOOVE seeing them all this week... remember you got me addicted to BO BUNNY Paper! I guess this will be next! ;o)


Annette said...

Love all your inspiration! Having just started a blog I can't imagine having 2 blogs at the moment; so completely get why you don't want to do videos:) They seem so time consuming regarding editing. Love all your work and enjoy whatever you wish to share:)

JuPooh65 said...

I have enjoyed all the t-shirts you have made this week. It has inspired me to make some for great Christmas gifts. :D

Nanci said...

love the shirt idea. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Very cute idea! I have to tell you that your "N" is upside down, is it too late to fix it?

Shawnee said...

Super cute!

Kaycee said...

This shirt looks like one you'd find at the store! Awesome job!

julie said...


Northwoodszoo said...

Great idea, as these can be so expensive in the school bookstore. Great idea, too, to recoup your costs and make a little extra to buy more carts!