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Come Join My Team!

Interested in signing up to be a Close To My Heart consultant, but have some questions? Well, today is your lucky day! Below are answers to all the questions you might have. If you have a question that is not answered below please email it to me and I will give you an answer!

Q: Where do I go to sign up as a consultant?
A: Just click on this link and it will take you the consultant application.

Q: How much do the consultant kits cost?
A: $75 (a value of over $200) PLUS an additional $50 in Select Product Credit that will let you pick additional stamps, inks, cardstock, Picture My Life, ink refills, acrylic blocks, markers, or patterned papers you like!

Q: What is the discount?
A: It is 22% which is one of the largest in the industry.

Q: Do I have to have parties or workshops or can I just keep the discount for myself?
A: It is your business and you can run it anyway you like (with in Close To My Heart guidelines). This is includes just being a hobbyist and buying for yourself.

Q: What are the sales requirements?
A: You will need to have $300 per quarter to stay as an active consultant.

Q: Will I get any training as a new consultant?
A: Yes! Close To My Heart has a fabulous training program. Also, if you ever have any questions as one of my downlines you can call or email me anytime!

Why join my team with Close To My Heart? Here are 14 reasons!

1) The discount! Our discount starts at 22% and goes up from there! Think of this as a permanent coupon to buy your scrapping supplies!

2) Run your business your way! You will be your own boss and have the freedom to run your business multiple ways! You can just buy for yourself or be a business builder. It is up to you!

3) The training! Close To My Heart has top notch online training to help you achieve your goals!

4) Low sales quota! It is $300 per quarter, but with your discount it is only $234! That is only $78 per month. How many of you are spending that anyway at the craft store?

5) Team contests! I offer incentives and other things to keep you motivated.

6) Team Facebook group! I will add you to our wonderful team page where other consultants can help you with questions. Also, it is a great place to share ideas and artwork!

7) There are big rewards that you can earn in your first 90 days as a consultant! See graphic below!

8) Close To My Heart offers incentives such as dream vacations and free product credit!

9) You can attend the CTMH convention! It is ten tons of fun and you get a first hand look at our new product! Oh and there is always good freebies there!

10) Make lots of crafty friends! Before I joined Close To My Heart, I did not know anyone else who crafted. Now I have lots of genuine friends who craft and have been there for me during my rough year!

11) I have been a top seller, trip earner, and recruiter with Close To My Heart for the last four years. By joining my team, I can give you all of the tips and tricks I know to become successful too!

12) Earn extra cash! Seriously, folks! You can actually make money by doing what you love.

13) Get to see and order CTMH products a month before your customers do!

14) Free online shopping site! Once you sign up, you get to set up your own online Close To My Heart store! It is super quick and easy to do.


Sam said...

Maybe after the holidays I will join your team, I got a new part time job so I will have some extra money to spend on things (I really don't know what extra money is)

scrappymemaw said...

I am seriously considering joining your team . However, i am not a published designer . I enjoy making cards but need help with the creative process, so i am unsure of how much i would be able to help some one else.I am looking for something that i enjoy to fill some of my free time. Please be honest with me as to whether this opportunity may be for me. I have checked for consultants in my area and the need is there. The closest consultants are 15 to 20 miles away. Please advise.