Monday, April 13, 2009

Door hangy-mabobers(yes, I am aware that that is not a real word).

I just do not know what the real word would be. So, I am going with that for now.

I made these two door hangers for my Step-Nieces in England. I actually have another for my Step-Nephew, but I am not sure if I can show it yet because it is made with supplies from the new CTMH catalog! I need to find out if I can show it as a sneak peak.

Anyway, I found these little ply-board hangers at M's and thought they would be great altered. They were super simple to make and I got to use a lot of my girly stuff from my stash that I do not usually get to use(I really should not even buy the stuff, but I have the hardest time resisting).



Leah said...

These came out so cute! Love all the little details:)

~BridgetL~ said...

Any young girl would love to have this hanging on her door. Heck I'd love one. :)

Snowmanlover said...

Love these Mel!!