Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids

Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids

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Hello, friends!

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Today, I have a project that was both fun and really useful! I bought my nieces matching suitcases for their birthday. Now, I only bought the same one because this was all they had left. I knew as soon as they swiped my credit card though, that I was going to have to do something. 

My nieces are sweet little angels, but I knew they would totally fight over the suitcases because there was nothing differentiating them. Then, I had a light bulb moment! I could use the beautiful sparkly glitter iron-on material and put their names on them. Immediately, after that I was worried it would be hard to do because it was not a shirt or a pillow case. This was not a flat object. It worked out though with out a hitch. The hardest part was choosing a font! FYI, I chose Cheerful Seasons.

Ok, before you look at these fabulous pictures of my beautiful project, you all should know a few things. First, when you cut the iron-on material from Cricut you need to put it face down on the mat. Second, you need to flip the image. Next, make sure you use the iron-on settings. Lastly, weed the cut from behind. You want to keep the clear plastic part in the front. It holds everything together and keeps the letters straight.

Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids
Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids
Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids
Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids
Cricut Iron-On Vinyl Suitcases for the kids

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Joan Smith said...

OMG Melanie OMG WOW Girl your nieces suitcases turned out so awesome. You definitely came up a fabulous idea.
They look so beautiful WOW I do love that font. Your nieces are going to so love them and the best part is you put you own super creative touch to them too....makes your gift that much more special. YOU so ROCK!!!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Wonderful decorated/personalized suitcases.

"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Coelle said...

Just LOVE The roller bags for your neices......and what a GREAT font. They turned out awesome!

CA Scrapper said...

Those are so pretty, great job!! They are going to love them.


Vanessa said...

What a cute idea! They turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

Sparky said...

Oh, Melanie, you are such a good auntie! These are darling and I'm sure the girls will love them!

Auntie Em said...

They are the cutest suitcases around! No mistaking them when they are going on the carousel at the airport or trying to find yours when you are on a sleepover with a special auntie! lol
Thanks for the helpful tips. I haven't tried the iron on yet but this makes it look pretty easy! Cheers! :)

Joy said...

I'm a couple of months behind seeing this, but THANKS! I just got some new luggage, and I was thinking that HTV would be a perfect way to quickly identify my new suitcases at a glance at luggage claims everwhere!!!

And my oldest DD will be moving to the Dallas area soon. Well, probably a couple of years, but she is ready NOW. She already bought a house but her company (a major car company) is not done with construction yet. I am not even sure they have started!