Friday, September 10, 2010

Disney cartridges and your Imagine

Hello, everyone!

Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to do Disney cuts using your Imagine. Long gone are the days of multiple sheets of colored cardstock and spending hours finding the right shades. All you need to do is load your 12 x 12 sheet of white cardstock and add the official Disney RGB codes (which I am going to provide you). This is going to save your hours!

Not sure what an RGB code is? Click here.
This is what the mat looks like when it comes out of the machine. I cut her at 7", so it would be easier to see. However, because she is quite large there are 2 mats with cuts.
This is the finished Disney cut done with the Imagine. Notice she looks exactly the same as if it were cut with your expression, but in a fraction of the time.

Color Name Red Green Blue Sample
New Day Dew 252 250 230
Brand New Morning 251 248 211
Hums in the Sun 252 249 224
100 Acre Snowfall 246 231 218
Baby Roo 242 214 186
Kissed Awake 253 229 218
Velvet Glove 223 205 200
Whole New World 252 238 238
Dandelion for Roo 254 250 186
Baby Bee Yellow 243 231 171
Pooh Bear Yellow 255 241 150
Fluff and Stuff 230 204 168
Buzz Beta Sector 190 146 103
Blushing Belle 255 217 187
Glamarous Glow 250 167 129
Blushing Princess 255 181 164
Sunny Spot 255 224 43
Laser Beam 248 191 0
Smackral of Honey 255 183 28
Rumbly Tumbly 232 111 0
Orange Blast 235 80 0
Bouncy Bouncy 224 49 0
Light Speed Orange 219 14 0
Gamma Rays 167 15 2
Main Street Lights 255 245 136
Tigger Tummy 251 234 123
Ho Hum Yellow 236 201 54
Pluto 237 185 96
Muddlement 150 91 32
Donald Orange 235 129 23
Forest Sunset 249 128 68
100 Acre Woods 199 58 30
Blast Off Yellow 255 237 10
Bee a Friend 249 213 30
Get Goofy 194 143 0
Oh Boing 218 134 0
Haycorn Brown 115 65 22
Kanga Orange 163 57 4
Tiggerriffic 226 34 0
Deep in the Woods 64 20 15
Butter Fly Flutter By 209 205 225
Clock Strikes 12 216 197 225
Pixie Dust 249 226 239
Fairest of them All 239 215 229
Princess Tiara 252 238 245
Shy Little Piglet 236 173 178
Princess Bouquet 230 211 213
Belle of the Ball 244 224 219
One Enchanted Evening 167 148 203
A Wave of the Wand 202 146 198
Enchanted Princess 251 176 226
Pretty in Pink 241 173 210
Fairytale Pink 253 167 195
Snow Whites Song 195 96 118
Blushing Piglet 237 93 117
Make Believe 255 149 138
Prince Charming 26 18 61
Princess Purple 150 62 148
Happily Ever After 174 29 116
Grand Ball 78 19 50
Pooh's Kite 85 11 38
Three Cheers for Pooh 193 13 35
Code Red 209 7 18
Mickey's Pants 214 7 13
Dreams Come True 114 82 150
Enchanted Violet 165 85 155
Sleeping Beauty Pink 234 128 184
Princess Power 207 119 164
Tink Pink 201 59 121
Satin Ribbon 198 42 92
Love's First Kiss 209 32 65
Rabbit's Garden 236 71 53
Robes for the Queen 55 26 97
Magical Evening 110 58 108
Pretty as a Princess 209 73 162
Enchanted Coach Ride 121 22 84
Jasmine's Gems 118 20 50
Invitation to a Princess 176 18 62
Fireflys Glow 147 18 37
Owl's House 137 23 15
Cinderella's Glass Slipper 212 215 239
Heffalump Purple 193 201 237
Mirror Mirror 213 227 250
Blusterly Day 206 218 234
Silly Old Bluebirds 188 218 235
Mickey Sailor 181 216 253
Thoughtful Spot 170 213 229
Bother Free Blue 203 245 249
Moonlight Waltz 157 162 206
Dragon Fly 118 125 200
Eeyore 164 177 207
Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue 179 201 238
Hundred Acre Sky 144 183 227
Hundred Acre Morning 143 184 230
Blue Balloon 140 191 213
Pooh's Favorite Things 170 227 230
Warp Speed Blue 27 31 119
Space Hero Blue 13 22 74
Sorcerer's Hat 0 15 116
Galactic Sky 7 27 155
Midnight Ball Blue 7 37 129
Story Time Blue 5 49 144
Bottomless Blue 10 45 92
Ariel's Afternoon Swim 13 86 141
Posies for Pooh 136 127 198
Pooh's Umbrella 42 59 157
Oh Bother Blue 118 145 192
Cinderella's Ball Gown 136 169 217
Fairy Godmother 115 150 201
Buzz Blaster Blue 71 129 207
Blue Wonder 71 150 188
Atta Boy Blue 109 180 189
Honey Pot Purple 86 81 165
Infinity and Beyond 15 27 139
Cast a Spell Blue 22 43 128
Star Command Blue 13 53 190
Home Town Hero 21 82 188
Blue Adventure 28 94 186
Little Critters 38 109 148
Underwater Wonders 47 137 171
Eeyore's Rain Cloud 215 232 236
Once Upon a Time 239 241 241
Mickey's Gloves 239 242 239
Skipping Stones 239 254 209
Pooh Corner 238 252 228
Silly Old Bear 207 245 207
Lullaby Green 196 247 223
Woozle Green 221 243 239
Space Dust 146 162 165
Hundred Acre Raindrops 203 206 206
Tiddely Pom 231 236 216
Christopher Robin's Swing 181 192 148
Tinkerbell 216 252 172
By the Pond 167 226 167
Sea Song 141 216 175
Timeless Tales 171 218 208
Mouse Ears 11 14 15
Alien Green 221 239 20
Sonic Boom 159 206 39
Gamma Sector Green 67 159 31
Friendy Forest 10 71 36
Blades of Grass 7 37 62
Neverland 6 36 80
Space Suit 92 106 117
Mickey's Shadow 118 118 122
Whistling Wind 173 178 151
English Meadow 131 144 100
Friendly Frog 171 227 132
Green with Envy 113 205 120
Pooh's Prairie 35 130 97
Ariel's Song 53 159 162
Galaxy Black 10 19 22
Cinema Star 15 19 17
Thistle Green 114 118 83
Hundred Acre Trees 35 59 27
Springtime Grass 126 191 57
Little Mermaid 29 138 34
Grand Day Green 24 111 111
Mermaid Water Dance 22 93 96

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Kim said...

Wow, that would save so much time, not to mention being able to so precisely control your color choices. No more having to settle for the "best" you could find. Thanks for the codes too.

Angela said...

Ooh! She looks perfect! Love all those "RGB" colors!

Mary - Biker Granny said...

That's beautiful. It's nice having such a diverse choice of colors and shades for designing. Is this RGB code set for just the Disney carts or can you choose colors this precise for any of the cartridges you use in the Imagine?

Elizabeth said...

WOW thanks for sharing this Mel :) said...

AMAZING!!! This is so COOL!!

AndreaA said...

Wow Melanie,
That looks really neat.
I probably won't be getting this machine for quite awhile but I am going to print this for when ever I do get a chance to get one.

peg said...

appreciate all your great ideas. Thank you so much.

dianne said...

Wow, you are so very sweet to share this information.

Ohhh Snap said...

What a great resource! TFS :D

Short Scrapper said...

Wow! Complicated post! Thanks ever so much for taking the time.

Scrapperdee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scrapperdee said...

How did you EVER get all those RGB's?


How do you know which color is for which piece that you are cutting - there are so many pinks & pale yellow etc.

Sharon said...

Oh Gosh, she is beautiful!!! Thanks
Melanie!!! :)

Lauren said...

This is awesome!! I love it!! I would get this machine just for this feature!

Angie said...

What a great way to not have to search out the perfect shades!!! Great for the Disney cart lovers!

Unknown said...

Thanks for providing the colors for us. Now when I win my imagine I will be all set to go. I hope there are many imagine giveaways or I get really, really lucky.

Nancy said...

WOW!! that is a great machine! It also helps that the person behind the machine is talented

Carrie K said...

Thanks so much for these codes. IF I get an imagine, I am sure to need them!!

Chris said...

When I first saw the imagine I said no way am I ever going to get this. Now I want it so bad I can hardly help myself. I will be watching the launch that is for sure. Love the Disney card but never happy with my color choices. Thank you so much for taking the time to do those for us.

Grandma Nancy said...

I would love this information if I ever get the Imagine!!

Teri said...

Jeepers Creepers! What a lot of information. I just got the Pooh and Friends Cartridge and now I can use exactly the correct colors!!!! Thank you sooooo much

Teri said...

Thank you sooooo much!

Crafty Teacher said...

Ohhh nooooo... I was doing so well thinking I didn't need the Imagine.. but I have all the disney cartridges and always seem to be making them..and it is that looking for the perfect color that usually takes me the longest. Going to have to start saving! ;)

Rainbow said...

I really like this!

SHELLEE said...

These types of cuts are where I think the Imagine would be a great fit. I have avoided the Disney cuts because of the many many small pieces!

Jennifer said...


I love your new picture!!! :) I am liking the Imagine more than I thought I would...

Have a great weekend,


Amy K said...

Whoa, that's quite a list - amazing technology. Great resource you've provided. Such fun!

Lisa said...

Wowzer Melanie! Thank you for the color chart! What great colors!! I love the princess! This is so exciting! I can't wait!!
Big Hugs!

KayTee said...

Melanie, this is awesome! Thank you so much! I am getting so excited for this machine! I truly can't wait!

Santaread said...

Wow, Love the colors.

Lisa said...

Oh my Goodness Melanie!!! I don't think I will be able to purchase this machine any time soon, but I know that the people who do are so appreciative of all the work You wonderful bloggers are doing!!! What a wealth of information!

Ya'll have been my inspiration and kept me sane this past year with all we have been going through. I keep your card on my entertainment center, because it is so lovely, and it's a shamrock, so I figure we need the luck!!!! LOL

Thanks so much for all you do!!!!

Crafty Hugs!
LisaRN499 :)

Ruth said...

Mel, this is awesome. Thanks so much. You know what a chllenge this is to find just the right colors. Now I just need that machine.

Miranda said...

Thanks fr convincing me I NEED the Imagine. I had pretty much decided I didn't NEED it as much as I wanted it. But now I understand I HAVE TO HAVE IT! lol Have a great weekend and thanks for the great info!

Lynn B said...

This is another very good reason to get an Imagine. Thanks you for all of those RGB colors!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's awesome!

Donna said...


Ann said...

I just can't believe you and Joy. You guys must stay up all night learning just what this thing can do. We are so blessed to have you two. You are the BEST!!!!!!!

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

This might actually convince me to get one. All those tiny pieces for the Disney would be so much easier and the colors so precise.
Thanks for enabling!
Cindy A.

A Cup of Cold Water said...

This is amazing!
Thaks for sharing

Karen said...

This is when I think the Imagine really shines. Doing characters from Disney or Buzz or any of those types of carts would be so much easier and exact!

MizMaryAnn said...

What a great lesson on the three major colors. Thank you for all the information and the beautiful Disnesy princess.

Gramjak said...

Awesome, magnificent, and terriic, Melanie! I am now becoming obsessed (having crossed over from "No, I don't think i want it..")

Many thanks for the great color pointers! (I can even remember RGB was only red, green, and blue!)

Amy Vandiver said...

Awesome!! So much easier then hunting all the colors to make it.

Amy V

Donna said...

Wow,the color chart is amazing! Wow!
Blessings, Donna

Sculptureca said...

Awesome! This is the first thing I have seen that made me want the Imagine! Esp with a Disney cut. Thanks!

Manhattan Mandie said...

I had the same thought when I found out that the Imagine could fill in regular cartridge shapes with colors! Thanks for the chart! I'm sure I will use it often... now if my Imagine would hurry up and get here!!!

MelissaMissesTX said...

Melanie, this post alone made me want to buy the Imagine!! LOL Thank you again for choosing to share all your amazing creativity with everyone. Hope your'e doing well. I'm hardly ever on the cricut MB anymore because of the slow connection. I stalk your blog though ;)


MischievousFox said...

This is sooooo cool! Now I can see how I would use the Imagine!! TFS!

sucor said...

Thank you for the amazing color chart!! I am going to save this in case I do get an Imagine one day.

Scrapper69 said...

WOW that had to take a lot of work to put together (RGB Codes)! Thanks for doing that! Your princess came out perfect! and It looks much easier than cutting them out the other way and trying to figure where everything goes... :o)

Kaye said...

Wasn't interested in the Imagine...wasn't even going to watch the launch! Still can't afford to buy it with hubby laid off, but I just changed my mind! What a wonderful post...and I second the comment about it helps that the person behind the post is so extremely talented! Any chance to get a little more detail for the pieces?

Marty said...

these RGB codes are awesome thanks for sharing.

AprilsL8 said...

Any way of printing your rgb chart with the colors, too? I can only get the the name and numbers to print.

Scraprelief said...

WOW, that's all I've been saying since you all got your Imagine. WOW

JenE said...

Wow, that's a lot of info and a lot of colors!

Ann said...

Wow!! Every time I turn around I see a new benefit to the Imagine! My son's bed and bath are painted in the Home Depot Disney Home colors (which is the color names you provided)! Now, I could totally match those paint colors with any project using the Imagine! Awesome! Thanks!!

Linda said...

Wow amazing that your got all the codes. Thanks it is wonderful. I think the imagine is just what you need for those little cuts

Luv 2 Create said...

Oh Melanie,
I so want this machine!!!!! I really like it's capabilities. Thanks for all the wonderful info you have been providing us. I am concerned however, on the cost of the additional carts. Seems very high!!!! But it is nice to know that so much is provided and that our other carts work in combo with the new ones. Can't wait for the launch which will start Monday nite in my neck of the woods.


Ohhh Snap said...

That is soooooooo handy! I've driven miles searching for the right color for spongebob and pooh. TFS!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

WOW how did I miss this.. you are so amazing.. thanks so much Melanie...

Stephaniee said...

Thats is amazing thank you for sharing!!!

Turnedgypsy said...

wow thanks melanie. so if we want that color we just enter those codes right. yeah.

what a very cute idea. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

KOLA said...

This post has probably been the most enabling of all the posts I have seen on the Imagine thus far... The ability to match those colours so well.... eeek this is going to be trouble!

Michelle said...

Great to hear from you gals tonight thanks for all of the wonderful info.

48scrappin said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the codes. She really does look perfect!

Debby said...

Wow, thatnks for taking the time to put together the color codes for Disney. Love work, you made her perfectly.
angel hugs

Susan said...

I LOVE that you took the time to do the color choices for us!! You are amazing
Thank you!!

Susan said...

I tried to do a cut and paste to copy your RGB Disney info and it wouldn't print the colors, just the numbers. Can you put that into a file that we can download and print?? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks that was so nice of you to take your time and help me with the RGB colors.

Karen Bailey

Sherri said...

Great Job. TFS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the RBG codes for Disney. I love, love, love them! I ordered the Cricut Imagine oh HSN on Tuesday and can't wait to use then on a project I will be making for my grand-daughter's birthday.

Moni said...

I am looking forward to following your blog and I love the Rock Princess cartridge!I think my daughterwill love it even more! She's a mini me scrapper, lol!

Angel said...

Thanks for showing us this. Now everyone can see how amazing the Imagine can be.

Anonymous said...

anyway you could explain what all of this means. for example, how do we know what colors to use for winnie the pooh?
Mary hk

Lisa J said...

I was wondering if someone could email me a printable version of this list? I print them out and have them all in their own notebook next to my imagine for easy access and I cannot get this one to print out for some reason :(


tjsgal at gmail dot com

dbmcgnns said...

How do we get a printable copy of the Disney RGB codes? my email is


Sunshinesgirl said...

This is the post that turned me from "why bother" on the imagine to "ooooooohhhh must have". My poor husband is going to lose his mind.

linda Sharritts said...

Trying to find rgb color codes for disney and friends for my imagine would appreciate any help.

debgee said...

Thank you, so glad I found these rgb codes.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I couldn't like this machine any MORE than I do, I found this list!!! Thank YOU!!!

InspiredMel said...

Makes me wish for an Imagine! :(

Anonymous said...

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llnr said...

I would love to have a printable copy of the color codes. Could you please let me know how to do this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Danielle Arnett said...

This list of colors makes me so happy you have no idea!

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