Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cricut Artistry Vinyl Craft Room Decor

Hello, friends!

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Today, I have a vinyl decor project made using the Cricut Artistry cartridge. After I had posted the pictures of my craft room last week, I came up with a few ideas of things I could do with vinyl. 

I did a search for scissors in Design Space, and the ones I liked the most happened to be on the Artistry cartridge. I did not want them to look cutesy. My room is sophisticated, so the scissors on the wall did not need to look like something you would find in a kindergarten classroom. 

The vinyl I used are some of the new colors that Cricut has released. There are several really pretty colors, but I chose Flamingo and Platinum for this project. If you have not been over on in a while, go check out the vinyl. There are lots of new beautiful colors! Plus they are on sale this week!

Just a quick note, since I wanted the biggest sized scissors I could cut, I used a 12" x 24" mat.

If you have a Cricut Explore, here is the file: Cricut Artistry Vinyl Craft Room Decor

If you do not have an Explore, I cut the scissors out at 11 1/2".

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Joan Smith said...

How cute is your idea....those scissors are absolutely perfect over your "Cutting" machine.
Love the color too!! Never thought of doing something like once again Miss Clever & Crafty gal thanks for the idea. YOU so ROCK!!

Coelle said...

LOVE your scissors....perfect color choice and I'll repeat what a great crafty idea. It looks perfect over your Cricut.

dgroovy said...

How CUTE is that... No matter what craft you do you will always need scissors !

Luria said...

Hi Melanie,

I love this idea. I would use it only if I had a designated craft room. Thanks for sharing.

Miranda said...

Love the scissors!!!!

Windy said...

Great decor idea!

Lisa Kay said...

Thank you! I will make these scissors soon...