Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My crafty wonderland!

Here is a tour I did of my craft room a year ago. I have been toiling in there purging and organizing, so it looks a bit different. Once I am done I will post new photos. 

The purging has already filled 5 large boxes! I am considering what to do with all of those goodies. Some are brand new and some are gently used. I am going to give it some thought and get back to you guys later on in the week about it, so stay tuned!

Now, onto last year's post!

Before I give you the grand tour of my crafty space, I wanted you all to know this has been a long time coming. I have never really shown any of my crafty spaces, much less open drawers, cabinets, and closets. There was not plan on doing this anytime soon either as I have been waiting on curtains and making a final decision on paint color. However, since the Bitten By the Bug challenge this week was showing your craft space I though what the hay!

There are a few things I should point out. First, I know I have a ridiculous amount of things. However, remember that this is my full-time job. Secondly, I started out scrapbooking over a decade ago, sitting on the floor of my closet. Having a room was not on my radar until much, much later. Here I am though, and I have to say I really love this space. There is much more to do to make it a pretty room, but it is VERY functional. I will post more pics once my curtains arrive and are installed.

This is a wall I have shown before. Most of my ribbon is stored here. Buttons, flowers, and some embellishments are also stored here. The white container is full of receipts that I keep for my little business. Below that, is a file cabinet that I store most of my non-CTMH stamps.

These set of cabinets house my Cricut cartridges, cartridge giveaways, alterable items, shipping supplies, envelopes, and more ribbon :-)
The Ikea cubes (I do not have pictures of the contents because this post is long enough.) store more giveaways, customer thank you gifts, cardstock scraps, current CTMH paper packs, fabric, vinyl, and Anna Griffin stuff.
This is my workspace. As nice as having cabinets are, I still keep quite a bit out on my desk for easy access. I wish I could have one of those rooms where everything is neatly put away, but it would be a huge pain to pull everything out every time I craft.
Against my better judgement, I am showing you my closet. This is where I keep my core'dinations cardstock, patterned paper, sewing machine, projects I have already made like cards, layouts, boxes, and gift bags, 12 x 24 paper, and felt.
This is my trusty Cricut machine. My new Explore machine comes Wednesday, and it will go in this space as well. My television is on quite a bit while I create. Sometimes it is just on the music channel, but I typically have General Hospital or old CSI episodes going.
This is where my craft room lap top lives, so it is easy to use the CCR. I also keep my washi tape here for easy access. This is where I tend to keep new things as well, because if I can see it I will be more likely to use it.
This is where I keep my punches. I do not use them all that much, but it is good to have them handy for when I do. Also, this is where my tape gun and stamp scrubber lives.
More punches, journaling pens, and white signo uniball pens are stored on the left.
Inks, inks, and more inks! The more options the better! The refills are kept above.
The white little box is my PictureMate Charm. Just perfect for scrapbooking! I bought it for the new Picture My Life program that Close To my Hearts sells. Then I have my trimmer, Cuttlebug folders (in the aqua plastic container) and new patterned paper in the floral bucket (got all of these from Target).
This is where I make all of my projects.
This little rolling cart is perfect for holding my Close To My Heart organizational containers. I bought it at Ikea.

This is a small CTMH organizational container. This is so perfect for my little edge inks.
In this CTMH Small Organizational container I store all of my current embellishments that coordinate with the CTMH patterned papers.
In this CTMH Medium container I store misc embellishments and CTMH fabric.
This is another medium container, and I store all of my adhesive backed embellishments like rhinestones and pearls.
This is where I currently keep my Cuttlebug folders. I will be moving them into a large CTMH storage container very soon!
Here is where I keep my Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug plates. Also, here is where I keep my stamps that coordinate with CTMH cartridges in Large CTMH Organizers. They are divided up by cartridge, so I have one for Art Philosophy, Artiste, and Artbooking.
Here is where I keep my loose ribbon (by color), my E2, my Cricut Mini, and Your Story. I also keep brads, markers, and extra scissors here. In the Medium clear CTMH organizer, I have all of my Picture My Life cards.
Here is a better look at my Picture My Life organization.
In these CTMH stamp organizers, I keep all of my M sized stamps, dies, font stamps, and seasonal stamps. Also, when there is a new catalog, I keep all of the new stamps here, so I am sure to use them before they get integrated with all of the other stamps.

This cabinet holds my iron, starch, Gypsy, extra adhesives, CTMH How To books, and other crafting books.
In this cabinet, I keep paints and misc supplies.
Here are my Cricut cartridges. I got these containers at Joann's.
Giveaways, envelopes, misc ribbon, gift bags, and cartridges that have not been organized yet.
Acrylic blocks for stamping.
Not the most organized looking drawer, but I know where to find what I need. This drawer houses my chalk inks and misc stamping supplies.
This is where I keep my Cricut supplies like blades and such.
More stamping supplies like embossing powders.
CTMH cardstock.
More cardstock and my label maker.
Here is where I store my alterable items.
I keep my albums and other misc items in here.
I have this on one of my walls in my room. It was a Christmas present from my son and I just love it! I think he got it at Kirkland's.
Here is a list of CTMH organizational items that you saw in my room:

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Treva said...

Love your work/play space, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Theresa said...

Amazing craft room, just as organized and creative as your cards. A great atmosphere helps get creativity running. Beautifully done.

Joan Smith said...

Thanks Melanie for your Craft Room Tour that was fun!! I just love how bright and cheery it is and love the word art on your wall! Love all your cabinets and all your neat ideas for organization. You definitely have one fabulous place to enjoy your creative play. You really are one great photographer your pics are awesome.

Lisa Davis said...

Awesome work space Melanie! Looks warm, inviting and very organized! Thanks so much for sharing.

Marilyn said...

I LOVE your craft room, you are very organized! Now I understand how you are able to create some awesome projects, everything is right where you need it and everything has a place. Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous room. Everything is so well sorted and organized !
Thanks for sharing .

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Love your craft room w/ wonderful organization. This BEE sees a bee on the wall canvas.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Busy Bee Vinyl Creations said...

Thank you Melanie for sharing you fabulous craft room. I want to come over and craft in your room. You have almost everything! Thanks again!
Love ya
Kathy U:)


Ann said...

I have only had my craft room done since about May or June. Not quite finished doing all the organization of supplies yet. I was very happy to visit your craft room. It is truly awesome. And your work shows what an organized person you are!!!!!!!!!!!

LST in Colorado said...

Melanie I loved the tour of your craftroom. You've given me some wonderful ideas for mine. Your creativity goes way beyond your finished projects.

Lara said...

I am in Craft envy! What a wonderful space, and the light is so nice. I really like seeing how other people organize, it always inspires me.

CA Scrapper said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing craft room. You are inspiring me to organize and purge some more.


Anonymous said...

Your room is beautiful, just like your heart! Marsha from NY

Lisa Kay said...

LoVe your Craft Space... I can not purge... But I have given away a bunch of stuff over the years... I thought I had a lot... Not even close to your stash... being organized helps so much...

Miranda said...

Love, love, love your Craft Room!!! I wish I had a bigger room, I just have waaaayyyy too much stuff! LOL

Bibi said...

This was so much fun Melanie to peek inside your craft room . It's as beautiful as you are. TFS your space with us. It's ver inspirational.

DEBBIE ORR said...

WOW! You have a beautiful craft room thank you for sharing

Karen Sue said...

Wow thanks for sharing, you have an amazing craft room, I'm so jealous of your ink stash. lol.

Windy said...

I was inspired the last time you posted this, and I got some new ideas this time, too. Thanks.

Auntie Em said...

Your work room is so cheerful and pretty. Everything looks very tidy to me. My room is utter chaos but I tend to live by the 'out of sight, out of mind' rule. When something gets tucked behind doors or in a drawer, I tend to forget all about it.
It will be exciting to see your room makeover and how you have switched things up.
Thanks for sharing the tour! :)

Ohhh Snap said...

What a fabulous craft room! And so many fabulous crafty goodies : D. It has taken me about 6 years to figure out what to do with mine, but I think I'm on the right track now (with a garage sale in the spring). And happily after 6 months of looking I finally have the last 20 cartridges I had stashed away (in plain sight, but couldn't see lol).

Ohhh Snap said...

What a fabulous craft room! And so many fabulous crafty goodies : D. It has taken me about 6 years to figure out what to do with mine, but I think I'm on the right track now (with a garage sale in the spring). And happily after 6 months of looking I finally have the last 20 cartridges I had stashed away (in plain sight, but couldn't see lol).

Cheryl W said...

I am in awe! My crafting space is a windowless corner of my basement. Not ideal, but I'm still able to create in my little cave. :)

Sue D said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful crafting space.

Barbalot said...

Melanie, you are an amazing lady! Your craft room is fabulous! I can't wait to see what else you've done with it. It was perfect already! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

Anonymous said...

Love your craft room! So organized! Maybe some day mine will be organized. LOL

Anonymous said...

Melanie, darlin' you are one organized gal! Your craft room is GREAT!!

M and Emmi-Cat

Mayras Designs said...

I am in love with your craft room !!! It is beautiful !!!! I am also in the process of reorganizing my scrap room . We have been remodeling our home these past couple of months , and my craft room was used as a temporary storage area . I finally have it back , but it is a disaster in here !!!! I really love the way you have everything organized !!!