Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Spring/Summer retiring list

Hello again, peeps!

I have received the latest retiring list that is hot off the press. I thought you guys might want to know what is going away as soon as possible. These things are available on a while supplies last basis only. They are not marked down yet and most likely will not be at any point. If there is something on the list that you must have, get your paws on it soon!

To make things easier for you, I have added links to each item. So, while you are going through the list if you see something that you are interested, simply click the item name and it will take you directly to it. 

*note: when purchasing from me, make sure you look in the top of the ordering site and make sure it is actually me. If it does not say Melanie Brown, you are making a purchase through another consultant.
Z1366 Brads Metal Assortment
Z1410 Antiqued Copper Designer Brads
Z1704 Pewter Badge Buttons
Z1703 Wooden Badge Buttons
Z1821 Buttons Black Assortment
Z1371 Buttons Blue Assortment
Z1370 Buttons Pink Assortment
Z1358 Buttons Basic Assortment
Z1369 Buttons Red Assortment
Z1372 Buttons Green Assortment
Z1773 Color-Ready Noted Canvas Shapes
Z1718 Color-Ready Garden Wooden Shapes
Z1450 Cork Color-Ready Alphabet
Z1719 Color-Ready Evergreen Cork Shapes
X7164C Buzz and Bumble My Stickease® Assortment
X7155C Avonlea Complements Canvas Shapes
X7167C Later Sk8r My Stickease® Assortment
X7166C Claire Complements Canvas Shapes
X7156C Clementine Complements Canvas Shapes
X7157C Dakota Complements Silver Foil Images
X7159C Scholastic My Stickease® Assortment
Z1326 Sparkles Red, Pink & Purple Assortment
Z1327 Sparkles Blue & Green Assortment
Z1710 Just Blooms® Paradise Paper Flowers
Z1612 Paper Clip Pins
Z1755 Posh Journaling Spots
Z1734 IrresistiblesTM Persnickety Journaling Spots
Z1831 Buzz and Bumble Assortment
Z1813 Claire Assortment
Z1810 Later Sk8r Assortment
Z1748 Brocade Assortment
Z1794 Cottage Assortment
Z1766 Memo Assortment
Z1780 Wrangler Assortment
Z1487 Mini Medley Accents Pewter Collection
Z1697 Mini-Medley Accents Smoothie Collection
Z1489 Mini Medley Accents Olive Collection
Z1798 Black Tulle Ribbon
Z1088 ChocolateWaxyFlax
Z1089 BlackWaxyFlax
Z906 BambooWaxyFlax
Z1081 ColonialWhiteWaxyFlax
Z1096 EmbroideryFlossNeutralAssortment

Z1347 12 x 12 Post Bound Album- New England Ivy

Z1827 My CreationsTM Paper Pouch - Small
Z1828 My CreationsTM Paper Pouch - Large
Z1740 My Creations® Bookmark Album
Z1739 My Creations® Milk Carton
Z1774 My Creations® Canvas Journal

Paper Products
Z1474 6" x 6" Kraft Die-Cut Cards & Envelopes
Z1724 6” x 6” Kraft Envelopes
Z1412 10-Things Pocket
Z1722 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" Kraft Envelopes
Z1723 5” x 7” Kraft Envelopes
Z1721 3” x 3” Kraft Envelopes
X7155B Avonlea Paper Packet
X7157B Dakota Paper Packet
X7156B Clementine Paper Packet
X7159B Scholastic Paper Packet
X7167B Later Sk8r Paper Packet
X7166B Claire Paper Packet
X7164B Buzz and Bumble Paper Packet

Z4134     Handle and Swivel Base
Z1267     Stamp/Paper organizer 8.5 x 11 (3)
Z4200     Accessories Organizer
Z4136     Exclusive Inks Organizer Carrying Case


Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!
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