Thursday, December 1, 2016

December specials!

Hello, friends!

It is a new month, which means new specials for which you can all take advantage!

First, let's talk about a special I am personally extending! For every $50 order you place on my website, you get the A Child Is Born stamp set for FREE. This set has a $17.95 value! Simply place your $50 order on my website and I will ship this stamp set out to you separately. This special is while supplies last, so place your order soon!

 Now, let's talk about the second special.

So often it’s the little things that matter most—and what better way to celebrate the little things in life than with adorable mini albums? Whether looking for a meaningful gift idea or a treasured keepsake, these mini albums are a fast and easy option, and this month you save 30%-off the retail price of the products you need!

  • Instalife™ Album—Blue Jean
  • #Life™ Cards—Enjoy
  • #Life™ Overlays—Black
  •  Memory Protectors™ Mini 4" x 4"
  •  Memory Protectors™ Mini 2" x 2"
  Retail Value: $27.75
     Your Price:$18.95
  •  Instalife™ Album—Blush
  •   #Life™ Cards—Hello Gorgeous
  • #Life™ Overlays—Gold
  •   Memory Protectors™ Mini 4" x 4"
  •  Memory Protectors™ Mini 2" x 2"
  Retail Value: $27.75
     Your Price: $18.95

  • Everyday Life™ Album—Stripes
  • My Crush Adventure Calls
  • Memory Protectors™ (Choose 6" x 8" (CC1199), 4" x 6" (CC1200), or 3" x 4" (CC1021))
   Retail Value: $29.85
    Your Price: $19.95

Now let's talk about the stamp of the month! It is rather gorgeous and one of my favorite stamp sets I have seen in a while!

This beautiful set is only $5 with any $50 purchase! Here is a project made using this set!

This post may contain affiliate links so, if you purchase a product using the link I may receive a commission. I only participate in Provo Craft's affiliate program because they are products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!
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