Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Over 50 Valentine Projects!

Hello, friends!

Today, I have most every Valentine themed project I have ever made all in one post for you! Before you scroll down to see all of the crafty goodness, know that some of these projects were some of the first things I have ever made and not the best. Also, photography is varying degrees of not great. However, hopefully you guys can pull some inspiration from the fifty plus projects below. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Joan Smith said...

OOOOH I'm feelin' the love......OMG I feel like I should hurry about and pack my bag because for some reason I needing to get to the Dock of the Bay and board the Love Boat!! LOL

Girl you sure do know how to spread that "Lovin' Feeling" Your post is in a word.....
FABULOUSITY!!!! OMG now who in the heck isn't going to feel the best they can feel after
seeing all the love you put into each and every card and layout!!!

You are my Hero and above all Super Girl after all you have just spread the LOVE word to everyone....I truly wish that you had this on a video and it could be viewed with an array of music that was all about love......I mean talk about a video that would make everyone's day awesome.....I mean WOW and each and every project you created was done with HEART!!!


Coelle said...

Melanie, When you do these posts it reminds us how much you do in sharing your creative talent. It's amazing that you continue to think up original ideas for yearly events. Such a treasure trove of 'Love' cards. Thank You...Thank You for continuing to share your talent with all of us!!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for showcasing so many projects in one post! I see lots of great ideas for the upcoming holiday. I hope you are doing well!

Windy said...

Pretty much done with my Valentines cards but I saw some great ideas for anniversary cards. Thanks.

Pam said...

All of these projects are AWESOME!!! I was looking for some inspiration. I'm glad I saw your post.