Friday, August 7, 2015

Cricut Artistry just a note card and a giveaway!

Cricut Artistry just a note card
Fancy card Friday
Well hello, my sweets!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this cartridge thus far? Do you love it or are you not sure yet? Is there any aspect that you want me to show that I have not yet done? Let me know! I love hearing form you guys. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there. Well, not Joan. She is here rain or shine! God bless Joan! She leaves the sweetest comments everyday! 

Leave a comment today letting me know your thoughts on the new cartridge and I will enter you in a drawing for one Zoe Workshop on the Go kit giveaway! 

Today, I have a cute card that I made using the Cricut Artistry cartridge and the basic Cricut font from Design Space. I chose that font because of the 'typed' look to it. 

This is another cut from this cartridge that I absolutely loved when I saw it. Close To My Heart managed to sneak in lots of hearts in this cartridge and who doesn't love little hearts!?!

If you have a Cricut Explore, here is the file: Cricut Artistry just a note card

If you do not have an Explore, here are the sizes: 
typewriter - 3"
'just a note' - 1/2"

Click here to buy ==> Buy Cricut Artistry NOW!  
Click here to buy the digital version ==> Buy Artistry as a digital 

Cricut Artistry just a note card

Cricut Artistry just a note card
The sequins are being retired at the end of the month. If you like them (and frankly, who doesn't they are adorable!) Get them soon!
Cricut Artistry just a note card
These stripes and the Hello banner are stickers from the Zoe Compliements.
Cricut Artistry just a note card
Cricut Artistry just a note card

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August stamp of the month

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Joan Smith said...

Good Morning Melanie I love your card gosh the old Underwood looks so cute here....This is a fav of mine I used to type away on this baby allot...totally a cool card love the colors and I so agree that font is perfect....I am so going to be using you idea on a LO totally awesome card and image. Thanks for the shout out what a cool surprise to open up your Blog letter and see my name in so made my day!! Yep you know I love this cartridge and already have it linked and ready to go for a layout. It's one amazing cartridge it's lacking nothing. Hope you have Funtastic & Funtabulous Friday!! YOU so ROCK!!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Melanie, your work is inspiring; no doubt about that & Joan does have wonderful comments. Was not going to comment on what I thought of the cartridge but since you asked. If I do not see my comment I'll know that you decided to not allow it so here's hoping my thoughts are heard. I have only bought CTMH cartridges of late because I liked the uniqueness & images on them. In my opinion I feel the new CTMH cartrigde has mostly Project Life icon images and most that I see are available on many other cartridges with a Cricut Online Design Space subscription; for example the banners are on other cartridges. I hesitated at first to get a subscriptiion but now I'm glad I have it and continue to enjoy many subscribed images without having to own them; for example I found the Dimensional Paper Art cartrigde is a subscribed cartridge and has wonderful 3D images that no other cartridge has. To sum things up I was so hoping for a new CTMH cartridge that I would like more but will not be buying this one. My HP printer also bit the dust last wk. Hubby found & bought me a new Canon high quality photo printer (I wanted the photo quality and love my Canon cameras) on
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Unknown said...

I love your tutorials and your cards are inspiring! Would love to see more ideas using the images from this cartridge. It sounds promising!

Unknown said...

Melissa, I am not going to delete your comment. I do not see the project life stuff on it like you do though. Maybe when you guys see my video next week, it will change your minds. My favorite feature on this cartridge is he shape/layer function. I will be airing that video on Tuesday and it really gives you an idea of how much this cartridge does.

Melissa said...

I'm on the fence yet....I'm going to keep watching what you post that you have made with it though because I like what I see so far! 😊. Looking forward to your video on Tuesday!!

LST in Colorado said...

Melanie, I love everything I've seen so far, and waiting patiently for my package to arrive (and as each day passes without a package it's getting harder ;0) ) Please keep your awesome ideas coming, they are so inspirational and they get my creative juices flowing. You are a CTMH ROCK STAR!!!

blurobin said...

I am still on the fence, though I am thinking about it more. I don't post here, maybe I'll try to post more often.

You work is awesome. I love your layouts, your cards, and videos. Keep it up!


Marlene said...

I love your videos and can't wait to get my hands on this cartridge! I have all of them so far and I hope CTMH continues to put of a non-digital version for us technophobes. I'm sure I could figure it out I just love flipping through the books!

Wendy Coffman said...

I love this card, and your blog. I'm terrible about commenting though. It was a thrill to meet you and Joy at Convention, and your presentation was a hoot! ❤️

Unknown said...

Love this card!! I have been really liking all the projects from the new cartridge. Can't wait to get it myself.

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Thanks Melanie. Look forward to your video.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Bonnie said...

I am really enjoying all the projects you have been doing. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cartridge so I can try some of them!

okscrapgal13 said...


I really love today's card -- I am looking forward to getting the new Artistry cricut cart. in the near future.
I don't know how you keep coming up with these fabulous creations! Keep up the great work!

I received your CTMH catalog in the mail yesterday and I have picked out so many things I want to order over the coming months. Thank you!!

Jill K.
Tulsa, OK

Lisa Kay said...

Zoe Workshop on the Go kit is so sweet... I for sure NEED the new Cricut Cartridge Artistry it is amazingly awesome! Thank you for showing us all the amazing designs using this cartridge!

Linda said...

Melanie, I look forward to your daily emails showing the great things you make. I have ordered all of the CTMH cartridges from you and this one should be on it's way to me.

You have such a wonderful talent and I really appreciate everything you post. Can't wait to get it. Also thank you for the catalogs, I also have several items tagged for future orders.

Thank you!!
Linda Carlson

Kat said...

Lovin the Artistry cartridge. Can't wait to get mine.
As always you have done amazing designs with it.

Betsy said...

I have a place in the mountains where I do not have internet, so I like to have the physical cartridges in hand. The CTMH cartridges are always so full of images that I bring them with me when I go. I'm looking forward to owning the new cartridge.
Thank you so much for the download of the card. I love typewriter images and it will be a great card to send to someone out of the blue. Snail mail is really a treat to receive now days! I look forward to seeing more of your projects from this card.

Unknown said...

Wendy! I cannot believe you follow my blog! How exciting! Meeting you at convention was a highlight for me!

Coelle said...

Melanie, I am still 'on the fence' also about the cartridge as I own all of them up to now and thought that Artistry had much of what is on Art Philosophy, which BTW I find I use so often. I do, however, get inspired by your creations and I LOVE the typewriter and how you made it into a card...that would so work for me to send to several people! It's funny as I saw the new Cricut cartridge that Melissa mentioned - Dimensional Paper Art and what flitted through my mind was I bet CTMH incorporates that in their next cartridge.
I haven't ruled out purchasing Artistry yet and may go for the digital version. Thanks for all you do and sharing your files...really that's the greatest!!!

BethAnn M said...

I am really enjoying the projects you are showing with Artistry! I am on the fence as to the regular or digital version right now. I usually buy the bundle when the other stamp promotion comes out a month or so later to maximize the purchase. I love the Art philosophy,Artiste and Artfully Sent, and use them often. Thank you

Unknown said...

Love your card, esp. the "just a note" cut. Have been on the fence about the new cartridge, but am afraid I'm about to fall for it.

Ohhh Snap said...

Loving the new cartridge images I've seen so far! Fingers crossed the expensive stuff will stop happening for a while (the dog used my crafting budget and wayyy more for her dental surgery). I'm loving the August stamp set too, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket lol.

Barb said...

Nice to see an idea each day. Saving my pennies for the cartridge. Might be a while but it looks to be worth the wait.

Cheryl said...

Melanie I love all the stuff you have shown us using the new Artistry cartridge. I cant wait to get may hands on it, but I will have to wait, unemployment has killed my crafting budget!

Nancy Deffner said...

I'm really enjoying all of your projects using the new cartridge. Love it! Hope to be able to order it soon.

Barb S said...

As to the new Artistry cartridge I am I the fence, too. I have all the other CTMH cartridges and love them. I am waiting to see something looks unique about this new one, so will be looking forward to your continued info and videos, Mrlanie, which by the way I always enjoy because they are very good, just like all your cards and layouts. Last time a cartridge came out, I was disappointed in the bonus products that were offered in August (I didn't care for the chocolates stamp) so wished I had waited to order in September. It was a nicer offer. So all that to say I haven't decided, but when I do it will be the cartridge. Even though I have the Explore I want the cartridge for my little Cricut that I still have. Keep up the great work Melanie!

Windy said...

Another cute card. Love the heart. I use the CTMH cartridges a lot, so figure I'll find a lot of things on this one I like, too. I haven't received it yet but like the cards you've made with it. I have a subscription, too, which I really like, because I like having all the options.

Faye said...

Your creativity is always so inspiring. I have previous CTMH cartridges & like many, on the fence. However, it doesn't take much to sway my decision. And there is Santa....

Deanna Vail said...

I really enjoy all the things you have on your blog. I love CTMH products and have already ordered the new Artistry Cartridge from you. I want to be able to take the cartridge to my grandsons house so they can use it on their Cricut, then I can use it on my Explore. They are 7 and 10 and are just learing how to use the machine.
Most of the time I use my IPhone to look at your blog and for some reason there is no place to respond. Let me know if you know any reason for this. My computers do have places to reply. I would love to win the Zoe Workshop on the go.

Unknown said...

Thank you for a chance to win! I love this card and enjoy all of your creations! Just go my new catalog and love the Zoe Workshop too.

Sarah Oswald said...

I love your card it is adorable and the new Artistry Cartridge looks like a great cartridge with alot of wonderful images thanks for sharing.

jodialyssa said...

This card is adorable! I'm hoping to get the Artistry cartridge this month and I'm enjoying seeing all of the fun ideas that you have! Thanks for sharing!