Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cricut Football Gift Bag

Hello, friends!
Cricut Football Gift Bag

As promised, I have a Football gift bag to share with you. I will be sharing one of these a week until the end of football season. This of coarse can be translated into any other sport.

My ten year old son is a junior wildcat, so he is assigned to one of the varsity football players as a mentor (our team was #1 in the state for the last two years woot woot). It is a really great program! Part of the gig includes me bringing a bag full of game day snacks for the player. Since I never do things simple and easy, I thought I would decorate the bags, so they stand out. That way he would always remember my son and the awesome bags full of goodies.

Below is a picture of my son and his mentor. You can tell how excited my son is, but I am not sure the player is as thrilled. Hopefully my bags will change his mind!

  The bag is made using the All Sports and Varsity Letter cartridges. These cartridge worked so harmonious together! I wanted to make sure that this bag was special and personalized, so I used his jersey number and put his name on the back of the jersey as well.  

Since this project was made using the Explore I was able to upload and cut the team's wildcat emblem for the helmet. How FABULOUS is that?

I cut the helmet tag out at 4.25" and the jersey out at 6.5". If you have an Explore I have included the file here ==>
Football gift bag file

All Sports handbook page

All Sports handbook page

Cricut Football Gift Bag
Cricut Football Gift Bag closeup
Cricut Football Gift Bag tag
Cricut Football Gift Bag back view

supplies I used

Anna Griffin Lettering Soirees
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Joan Smith said...

OOOOh Melanie what cool bag love it and love the cartridges you used as everything is so your story too...but bummer the picture wasn't there of your son and the player
it could just be my computer not sure!
girl so looking forward to seeing how you do the football bag every week.

LST in Colorado said...

Cool bag and your right, his mentor doesn't look very happy ;-) and yes you never do things simple, you really knocked this project outta the park or should I say YOU SCORED! TOUCHDOWN!

CA Scrapper said...

That is a really cool project! Your son is adorable and he looks ready to play.


Bonnie said...

So clever! I'm sure he'll appreciate the snacks, he's a teenage boy! I hope he appreciates the really great bag.

Vanessa said...

What a great bag! I love how you personalized it. I'm having the same problem Joan had not being able to see your son's picture--I'll try again later. Thanks for sharing!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Like the sports football bag. Reminds me of the wonderful times when my daughter was younger & playing sports and I brought drinks & treats for the players. I rcvd my Anna Griffin Summer Soirees cartridge. Unfortunately I cannot link it to my Gypsy. I updated my Gypsy but it will not link. Phoned Provocraft and they indicated that they have not been the go ahead to make the update for the Gypsy for that cartridge.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

sillygirl said...

This will definitely win him over! Great tag and bag decor!

Marie said...

Awesome bag! I bet if you took a picture next week the player would look much happier. I bet he looks forward to the bag each week. Great job!

Marie Campagna said...

Your son looks so happy next to the player. A boy' s dream. Great jersey you made

Cheryl W said...

Fabulous bag! I need to remember this one for my grandsons. They'd love it!

Anonymous said...

Really cute idea for a gift bag. Also the cart you are giving away would come in handy. Thanks!
Lorrie from MI

Kim said...

Love your gift bag and can't wait to see more. I was thinking that most teenage boys, and especially football players, want to look "cool" in photos and don't smile. I wouldn't take his expression to mean that he doesn't like the situation. Hopefully he'll be more comfortable with you both and show a little more emotion soon!