Thursday, April 17, 2014

63 Art philosophy projects and counting!

Well, my friends, I wanted to update you all with the results of the biopsy. Unfortunately, they have found that the tumor is actually malignant. This is obviously, quite devastating and out of left field. I do not have a prognosis yet as they have not determined the stage. Hopefully this will be determined soon. I am being sent to an oncologist this week, so that ball will start rolling soon. Please pray for me and my family. Again, this comes as quite a shock and we are all trying to take in the information. We need all of the divine intervention we can get. I am not usually one to ask for prayers. In fact, this ordeal has been the first time I have been compelled to do so. I guess it is because my little boy is 10 years old and needs a momma. I am confident that with prayer, positive thoughts, and some fight on my side, I will beat this thing and everything will be good in the world again!
On to the parade of Art Philosophy projects!

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