Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January special last call!

Hello, friends!

I wanted to remind you all one last time that today is the last day you can order from the Fall /Winter catalog and get the January specials. If there is something you really want get it now!

However, tomorrow a new catalog starts and there will be new things to show. Including new stamps that coordinate with the Art Philosophy. Also, just so you know the Art Philosophy cartridge will still be available for purchase! 

Oh and that you so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes! I seriously love you guys!

Until tomorrow, my sweets....

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Flo71 said...

Just stopping in to say
I enjoy your daily posts and love that fishing layout.
Hugs, Flo

Joan Smith said...

I hope you had a great lunch with BFF (Joy)...and....can't wait to see what the stamp set for Feb. will be....You know I'll be not awaitn' this time I'm gonna grab it...immediately and will not pass go......

I've got my Spring/Summer catalog all marked for my purchase and with it I'll bet the Feb Special....yipee!!

InspiredMel said...

So glad the art philosophy cart will still be available. I really REALLY want it just can't fit it in the budget right now. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

loving3boys1girl said...

So glad the cartridge will still be available! Will it still be in the package or will it now just be the cartridge?