Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So sorry, my sweets!

Hello, friends!

I have a project for today, but photobucket has been down since last night and I cannot upload the pictures. Hopefully it will be up soon and I will have a post up for you guys. Stupid photobucket :-(

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Dee said...

Isn't it amazing how dependent we have become on technology?

Amy Jo said...

I guess technology gets tired too and doesn't feel like working. LOL

Carol T said...

I hate when my computer goes down & I can't use it. Hopefully it will work soon.

Nancy said...

How did our parents ever get by without all this great technology?

Karen said...

I haven't posted any pictures on my own blog since before Christmas because my camera hit the water in Belize!

Donna said...

No problem, Mel - we know how hard you work on all of the projects to show us!

Blessings, Donna

Unknown said...

Hey things happen especially with these computers now a days!