Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hydrangea fever!

Let me tell you...I love hydrangeas! Hands down, they are my favorite flower! So, I have 4 bushes planted in my backyard.

They have needed a ton of attention and care because they do not grow that great in the DFW area. So, for 3 years I have been doting on these plants. I even made them a raised flower bed especially for them. It was back breaking work hauling all the stones and soil from Home Depot, but it had to be done. Our soil here is terrible and I needed to give these little beauties their very own special acidic soil.

Last year, I was worried that all the work had been in vain because they did not even bloom. However, this year.....totally different story!

Here are a few cards I made with a Anna Griffin hydrangea stamp that I have had for a while. Since my bushes are doing so well and are absolutely full of blooms, I thought I would make some hydrangeas with paper.

A lot of PTI was used in these cards. Also, little bits of CTMH and SU....



eiyiyi said...

I MISS hydrangea! They really, really don't grow well in South Florida! I love the stamped hydrangeas. You always do such a lovely job.

all4sydney said...

OH!!! That is my favorite also!! I have tried for 3 years now to grow those to no avail :( Congrats they are beautiful!!

And your cards....OMG they are awesome!!

Kristina said...

Beqautiful cards and those hydrangeas are breath taking! I just planted one this spring, I hope I'll be able to keep it alive ;) I'm a little farther north than you so it's probably pointless to ask for growing tips. I think I would have to make a layout for those if I were you.

Leah said...

Beautiful! I adore hydrangeas too...I grew up in Hawaii and they did amazing there...not so much in Arizona though! Love your cards and your plants are amazing:)

Graceful Glassier said...

What an outstanding use of your love for hydrangea's. Beautiful cards!! I especially love "The Joys of Summer". My favorite is the Rose. I wish I could craft the perfect rose out of my lampworking glass !!